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So many people spend money they haven’t earned,
To buy things they don’t want.
To impress people who do not care,
It is simply ridiculous!

True and loyal friends are those who are willing to make sacrifices for you. Before that, they are only acquaintances.

In a great leader, actions speak louder than words.

Life has its risks and rewards. Those who dare to take risks are most likely to get their rewards. Rewards after risks are exhilarating.

If there is a WILL there is a WAY. Putting a little more efforts in what you do, could go a long way, to bring sweet success, in your way.

Food will give your body the strength it needs.
While motivation will move your mind to act as it should.
The combination will give you the momentum
to go forward effortlessly.

If motivation is the ‘mother’ of success then,
Your effort is the ‘father’ of your achievement.
Both of which will determine your future.

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akuamir said...

trima kasih untuk motivasi nie,,ahhaa... :)